27 December 2016

Institut Curie with its knitting Partner…

Last Friday, our charity Le Fil et la Main, of which Caf’e tricot studio is the first sponsor, was invited to the Institut Curie where we were asked to take part in a wonderful project.
A project, which entirely encompasses the philosophy of Le Fil et la Main, and that will start up mid-January. For this we will be needing lots of KNITTING VOLUNTEERS, who would be willing and able to accompany patients as they wait for their treatments or consultations, whilst knitting…
For the first project we will be needing a vast quantity of PINK! (& only PINK!) wools or cottons.
For those that are able to, you can drop them off them directly at Curie, 25 rue d’Ulm (opposite the Hospital) 75005, please mark clearly “For Le Fil & La Main”. You can also send them by post to 26 rue Chateau Landon 75010,(where we have our Monday knitting mornings)
If you have any spare needles they would also be most welcome! We usually prefer
the CIRCULAR NEEDLES as they often help to avoid unnecessary pains in the arms & the back, but we won’t, of course, refuse straight ones!
As for the volunteers, we will be needing 3 by day, from 10.00am ’til 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. Even 2 hours a day!
Please do not hesitate in contacting me by ‘phone or on the site by clicking on “Contact”.
I’m sure you will be, as I am already, very excited by this project & all that it entails…
I will be giving you more information shortly.
Until then, please do pass on this email to any of your knitting friends!
Thank you!
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